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No, I did not get LJBFd, but I could see her interest level go down. She then began to talk to others, did not re initiate conversation, and began to hit on my flatmate who is the AMOG here. He is a natural. I need to get rid of my limiting beliefs, yes, but at the core of it is the fear that if PUA does not work, then I have no hope. That's why I asked for somebody's input on how they kept going in these moments.
If she lost interest and moved on to your alpha flatmate, then you weren't alpha enough for her. Either she determined through your interaction that you were weak or, more likely, she determined that your flatmate was just more alpha.

Minor successes keep me going. Set lower goals for yourself. The next time you try pickup, politely end it and walk away on a high note. It's tough out there, and it's tough to seem to be making no progress. But I know you can do this. I know because everyone is capable of improvement and growth.