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    Default Best way to respond to plans canceled / rain check?

    What is the best way to respond by text message if plans are canceled / rain checked? If I ignore the text without responding she will think I am upset/mad as she as thought this before over something smaller. If I text back saying something like: "No worries, I will talk to you on Monday and we can re-organize" then that might suggest I am a push-over if it happens more than once?

    Want to basically say that I am not upset/angry/needy but at the same time I would obviously rather the plans weren't canceled and not to give out a vibe that I am ok with plans being canceled (so it doesn't become a trend in the future). This girl rarely has canceled on me so i'm just thinking ahead if that makes sense.

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    Default Re: Best way to respond to plans canceled / rain check?

    It's a situational thing.

    If she cancels on you 10 minutes before you hangout that's different than if you asked her to hangout or you had plans and she cancels the day before.

    The first one is incredibly rude & not acceptable whatsoever

    . You tell her straight up that's it's not acceptable, that when you make plans you expect people to follow through & if they can't make those plans, you need at least a days notice so you can make new plans. Then say you're disappointed in her actions.

    -if she acts like a snotty bitch back, you drop her. Don't argue just delete her number. It's not worth it, & she may come crawling back in a few days if you go NC with you having ALL the control.

    -if she apologizes & acts genuinely sorry, you accept the apology & make new plans.

    Now if she cancels the day before, or you invited her out & got no response, or in any way politely gave you adequate time in her cancellation, you play it off like it's no big deal & you don't care.

    Girl: hey so tomorrow isn't going to work for me Kyle. I have to write 2 papers & study for a test. (Whatever her reason)
    Kyle: Ahh okay no biggie. I'm sorry that sounds stressful. Another time.

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