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Thread: Girl who LJBFed twice wants me to attend her theatre premiere

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    Default Re: Girl who LJBFed twice wants me to attend her theatre premiere

    Cody tags in and clicks "Go Advanced", because sh*t's about to get real.

    Kyl3 Says: It has nothing to do with you being nice. Being genuinely nice is not unattractive. It's actually awesome. Genuinely nice people are soooo rare, & they always end up with an amazing high paying job, & a banging wife.

    It's when you're "nice" that you get "friend zoned.

    AKA you're not a genuinely nice guy. You're a nice guy to woman because you think they'll like you for it, which they won't. If you act nice just to try to get laid, girls, people, see right through that & know you're not a very nice guy. There's nothing nice about guys who act nice to get what they want, which is a certain girl.
    It's manipulative, in the worst way, because it never works out for the guy, unless the girl is also just as manipulative?

    "Nice" guys put girls on pedestals that they can't come down from. They'll do anything for a girl to like him or approve of him. They supplicate to her every whim, & do whatever she wants. They compliment her when she doesn't deserve it, do things for her that she can do it on her own, buy her things & EXPECT things from her in return, are attention seeking, insecure, make there lives revolve around pleasing her, never defend themselves or stand up for themselves, are walked on, taken advantage of, never draw boundaries & let her know what's acceptable & what's not, CALL HER & TEXT HER AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE about boring shit she's going to find annoying. They don't flirt with her, they don't tease her because that's not nice, they don't give her a little space to miss them, they NEVER MAKE THERE HONEST INTENTIONS KNOWN. & THE WORST PART OF ALL, if the girl doesn't find them attractive after doing all this for her, they cry & whine about how girls only date bad boys or jerks, & how she's stupid for not liking them because they'd treat her soooo good. Which isn't the case at all. Ask yourself, if you were a girl, would you find a guy like that attractive in the least bit^

    No you wouldn't.

    That's why "bad boys" & "jerks" or "Dbags" get the girl. It's not because girls like them, it's because they're real men, they're guys who don't need the approval of anybody, especially some stupid girl that's probably boring to begin. They go after what they want, relentlessly, they live there own lives, they're most of the time (can't speak for everybody) completely honest with what they want, or how they feel about the girl, STRAIGHT TO THE GIRLS FACE, they tease her, they just have farking balls.

    Genuinely nice, fun, confident, guys get laid often. Not only do they slay pu55y when done right, they get laid by girls that actually matter. Genuinely nice, fun, girls.
    You attract what you reflect.

    Shitty girls usually end up with even shittier guys.


    First and foremost, be grateful. Thank someone (Kyl3) for being willing to give you such great advice, well articulated, for free, and 100% real talk. This is bigger than girls; this is your life, which by the information you chose to provide that isn't directly relevant to the situation shows you actually would like further advice than just women.

    Roger Says: Any help in this regard, rather than self praise and pointless criticism, will be welcome.

    But Roger Previously said: Girls call me sexy, I have a great sense of humor, I am handsome and well built, and very smart.

    Realize that anytime you point your finger at someone else you've got three pointing back at you.

    I'm done with all the colors. I just needed a way to emphasize the important points and differentiate between who said what. Now it's just me talking.

    First of all, none of this was an attack, just an explanation. Kyl3 didn't say anything about you specifically, just guys in general, and the fact that you took it upon yourself to assume he was attacking you says plenty about your self-esteem. I hope that you re-read what he wrote and understand that you simply misunderstood. If you want a simple answer to your simple question and not a solid foundation to base your decision making process on for the rest of your life, here's your answer:

    Go if you care about her friendship.
    Don't if you're only interested in her sexually.

    Oh, and as for this:

    Some of us just do not, for a variety or reasons ranging from the lack of positive male models in our lives, or coming from single mother households to the over feminized discourse of public education, know how to attract women.

    My dad served in the Navy and was gone for six months at a time throughout the most important parts of my childhood and beyond. When we finally stopped moving (meaning my mom, sister, and I; my dad still left for another two years), we settled in a small town in rural Iowa. I got the sh*ttiest of sh*tty public educations, being told that "coding is more of a hobby, not a career choice", and that farming would be a much smarter option. I paid for my own college (search the forum, it's all on here). Now I've got an awesome job in SEO and a smoking hot (and all around awesome) girlfriend.

    Victim mentality will get you handouts at best; a sense of personal responsibility will get you what you want. You talk about the empathy of men as if it were something admirable, but I think you're mistaken for compassion (ever seen Braveheart?). You need to change how you think, because beggars will always be at the mercy of someone else's empathy.

    I hope all of this genuinely helps you and that you don't take it as a personal attack.

    Kyl3, what are you going to do with your life?
    Wondering where I am now? Check out my latest project:

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    Default Re: Girl who LJBFed twice wants me to attend her theatre premiere

    I don t take it as a personal attack.
    The only issue I had with the advice was that it was addressed to a generic nice guy and not me. Your advice, on the other hand, was to the point.
    About the lack of male models etc, that is not my personal situation. It is from Robert A GLover, "Stop Being Mr. Nice Guy"

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