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    Default Does she want to give head?

    This girl I know thinks Edward from Twilight is attractive, I've been told I look like Edward. She sends me flirty texts all the time even though she has a boyfriend shes dated in the past. She's also sent me very sexual pics through Snapchat anyway me and her were texting and I told her. Its been two hours since ive replied she want the D or nah?
    text convo
    Me:I want head from a girl with braces if you know anyone hit me up deuces
    Me:You know someone
    Her:Yeah but shes white.
    Me:I don't care I bet shes fucking beautiful tell her to hit me up on Snapchat
    Her:Found her *sends pic of fat lady*
    Me:I wanna see her frfr
    Her:I'm sorry:/ I love you
    Me: I don't know anyone with braces besides you do you know anyone else at all whos a cutie besides you
    Her: Just me boo :/
    Me: Does it hurt when you do it?
    Her:I heard it feels perf <3
    Me: Don't be mad, but I want head from you
    Her: Frfr?:0
    Me:Yes really bad.. I didn't make things weird did I
    Her:No cutie
    Sorry for the long messages

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    Default Re: Does she want to give head?

    I'm gonna say no... Don't ask her if you made things weird. If you did, own up to it. In fact, even if she wanted to give you head, you might have killed it with that line alone. What it says is "hey, I want head from you, but I just kind of want to ask you to play it safe, that way I want feel bad if you say no." Fark if she says no! It don't matter, you'll get head from someone else.
    You don't need her

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