I had my first internet date, it went pretty well and we set a second date. She's very direct, and i'm a pussy desperately kicking myself out of my comfort zone. I'm good with people in general, but terrible with girls as soon as it gets flirty and stuff. I've decided i want to work at changing this, so here goes:

Halfway through the date, she asked me if i'm looking for a relationship (her answer was a clear 'yes' - kinda needy, but hey). I got a bit clumpsy there. I was very honest and open and we laughed at how i didn't exactly know what to say. I don't think i lost a lot of points there, but i really didn't state my intentions.

What i did say was (vaguely): I'm just looking around. Not really interested in a new commitment or anything exclusive, but in the litteral sense of the word: relations, as many of them as possible. Just new friends, new people to hang out with... a wider social horizon, i've never been the kinda player that has one-night stands (obviously true but unfortunate (-: ) but some female attention, all very welcome.

What i meant was: I wanna sleep around, not commit. I don't even mind some commitment, as long as it's not exclusive.

What i think she heard was: I have no idea what i'm looking for. Maybe if i meet the right person i'll settle down.

During this convo, i thought: this will lead back to previous relationships, how i arranged my love-life (which is 3 gfs, one of which lasted 7 years, a nasty break-up and some failed flirts). All of this felt like A VERY BAD subject for a first date. But i feel bad for not being clear, direct and stating my intentions.

How do you guys talk about multiple relationships, being [not] exclusive, polygamy, or just deal with the question: "What are you looking for?"?

Daniel Rose (Sex God Method) says: The only time to talk about this is after sex. But i would guess most of you guys would not mind being honest and direct.