Yeah bro sounds like you got Oneitis bad bro. But not to worry, happens to us all. I have been messaging this chick for over a year (not everyday) that I met at the Bar last Summer and still no responses. Still won't block me and I have been blocked after one message from chicks before. She is a 10.

Either way I have several numbers I haven't used from old burn outs but may use one day. Either way Oneitis is only really bad when it keeps you from going out and finding other girls. That "kind" of Oneitis is the real thing. I had Oneitis for the Bartender and stopped talking to other girls-bad. I had Oneitis for a POF chick and stopped focusing on other stuff-bad.

Either way you went AFC on this chick. She is not for you. She went silent on you which is basically just a cold fish and that happens to me a lot. I realize it that's why I am a hardballer now and just go nuts on how or why we should hookup.

Women just want a fun time. By I mean the more you get good at it the less impact they have and the more power you have. Men are the hunters and women are the drama queens. It doesn't matter what that chick wanted. Girls buy into our frame. Whether it's dating, hookup, or friends they eat it right up. While dating they are usually after your money and closed off to sex. While friends they are usually very needy, and while hooking up they are closed off to romantic stuff.