I have been doing day game for a year and a half year now. 90% of times I have approached women so far and the success rate has been miserable! (2 f-closes in a year!).

In many books such as "The Rules Of The Games" (by Neil Strauss) it is said that direct approach should be used only if does the girl show signs of interest. Other than that indirect approach must be used which makes sense to me. Not only it matches my experience and results but also I decided to question some girls about it!!

For the last two months I went out at my lunch break, and approached one or two hot women.I told them I was working on a dating book for men and I needed their opinion. They all were very open and accepting about it so I asked 3 questions! One of them was that if they liked direct approach or indirect. From 30 women (aged 20 to 33) that I questioned 100% said that direct approach is weird and creepy! They said that they guy has to strike a conversation and then show the interest.

The other reason that I feel reluctant to keep doing direct approach is that some girls are very stuck up so I do not feel like giving them some free compliments but direct approach normally begins with a compliment!

Therefore, I really want to master indirect approach and use it. But the problem is that indirect approach cannot be used in many situations. For example when I go out to buy lunch I see smoking hot girls who are rushing back to work. I cannot stop them and ask them "I want to get s tattoo, what do you think!". It sounds weird and creepy! Same goes with girls on the train etc. So my first question is that how indirect approach can be used in situations where time is very limited and a canned opener like asking for opinion does not work?!

Also openers such as asking for opinion sound very cheesy and every woman can tell they are just some pickup lines. I believe an indirect opener must be genuine and very specific to the girl. For example once I asked a girl "What is your perfume" and then from there I led the interaction to a number close. But I tried the same thing on other women and it did not work! I want to know how can I come up with indirect openers that can be used in majority of situations even on the street, and does not look canned, and works?