I have read a guide to approaching on Facebook here in this forum. That blueprint makes sense to me so I decided to test it. I sent message to like 20 girls making sure that the message will not go to their "Other" folder. Next day I checked the messages and noticed that 15 of them were read. Out of 15, only one girl replied saying that she was too busy otherwise she would get to know me!!

In a nutshell I did not get any response on FB even though my profile looks good. I personalized each message and tried not too look like a spammer. I guess when we write to a girl who does not know us, she thinks 1- Who is this guy? 2- Is he spamming and sending the same message to many girls? 3- What does he want? 4- I am a fucking queen so I am going to ignore him!

So I want to see if anyone has success in picking up on Facebook? Any advice on writing effective messages?