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Thread: The line between 'man who goes after what he wants' & 'creepy guy'

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    Default Re: The line between 'man who goes after what he wants' & 'creepy guy'

    Updating this thread one more time - just wanted to thank you all again for your help; I've made significant progress in moving on in the past few days, and y'alls advice has really helped me manage the pain that I'm feeling.

    Perhaps more importantly, my inner game and mindset has improved by leaps and bounds because of this ordeal, and y'alls advice. Because of this experience, I've got a better understanding of 'the line' and what it means to go for what you want.

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    Default Re: The line between 'man who goes after what he wants' & 'creepy guy'

    I must've miss this earlier, but this is actually a really good question.

    Going off on what Kye said "if the chick likes you, you're the cool guy, If she doesn't, then you're creepy and harassing her," which is very true. Oftentimes, the female mind doesn't operate on the logic or anything quantifiable. They just feel.

    Here is an example - A guy keeps on texting a girl and the girl has no interest in that guy and may even find him annoying.

    Friend: So does [that guy] text you a lot?
    HER: *rolls eyes* Yea he texts me all the time.

    The truth is the guy may text her once every 3 days or once a week, which isn't a lot, but because she doesn't like the guy, even 3 days is too much. She doesn't quantify it through logic, she just feels and comes to that conclusion.

    Here is something important. This is what I learned in my studies:

    As human beings we have a tendency to "project" on to other people. In other words, we see our reflections. So if a girl is insecure, she will project her insecurities on to others. She will readily see aspects of herself and judge people based on that. She will paying attention to things that will creep her out, which will pretty much be many things given her insecurities.

    So these women who are calling guys "creeps" many of them are insecure themselves, especially strippers. The smallest little thing a guy says to them can trigger off their insecurities. So if a guy texts her a popular PUA opener "I saw a cat the other day. Reminds me of you." OMG! Suddenly that could come off to be creepy to an insecure touchy girl. And anything else the guy says will be perceived from this context thereafter.

    I see this all the time on certain girls instagrams. They have pictures of them all "dolled out" and joke/comment on getting hit by creepy guys at the club. These are some of the most insecure girls out there. They are touchy, narcissistic, shallow, pretentious, etc. Expect to hear that word more commonly out of these kind of girls.

    On the other hand, confident girls are different. They project their confidence and are attracted to guys who are confident. The same thing an insecure girl sees, they will completely overlook.

    I have 3 beautiful female friends who are very cool and confident. One goes to clubs and go watch movies by herself. The other puts herself in harms way to break up fights, and one who could just look at any guy checking her out in the eye and give him a friendly smile and say "hi." The word "creepy" --- they don't even speak this language unless really provoked.

    Supposedly, the definition of the word creep means "a man with sexual/romantic intent who makes a woman uncomfortable." To me, this is just a word propagated by insecure women because everything makes them uncomfortable and it gives them a sense of empowerment. There are more men out there undeserving of this derogatory word than there are.

    So if a girl ever refers to me as creepy, I would next her with "Too bad you are insecure. That's your problem." Because personally, I don't date insecure women. They are trouble. As a confident guy, I can honestly say I am attracted to confident girls. After all, you always attract what you reflect based on assortment theory.

    So in your situation, I think you are already on the safe side. Worst case scenario, IF she ever calls you creepy, then she is probably more insecure than you know. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. It's her problem, not yours.

    ...Unless you really really are creepy : P - like some guy with weird eyes with no social tact telling a girl he wants to devirginize her and bury her undies in his backyard. That's really pushing it.

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