Hey guys,

I met this chick at a friend's birthday party and we immediately clicked.
We had very similar mindsets. I discovered she loved my country of origin and that she tried to learn my language in the past. At some point, I was telling her that I was about to start German classes and she took an interest in that (she's German herself).

Anyway, we stayed in touch after the party. I was sending her various texts telling her about my day, she was telling me about her day. I was using some words of German and she praised me. I told her about my trip during the week-end, etc.
We didn't managed to meet due to logistics, but we eventually agreed to meet this Friday. We live in the same neighborhood, so I suggested we meet for drinks in one of the local bars (they are quite nice actually).

Now, keep in mind that this girl is a bit nerdy (I am not even sure she had a bf before) and that being too forceful will probably scare her away. I plan to take things a bit slow in the beginning in order to build attraction and comfort. I really like her, so I am gonna give it my all.

There's however another thing, I desperately need her help for my German learning. The classes are tough and the pace is too fast for me. The exam is already next week and I need someone to practice with.

I was thinking this was an excellent pretext to organize a second meeting. We also know that studies are a good way to bring a guy and a girl closer

The problem is that this might be the wrong approach if I want to date this girl. I should frame our meetings differently and make her understand that this is a date and not a training session. There's also the possibility that she might get offended and might think that I only want to meet her in order to practice.

I have thought of several options:

Option 1: Ask her to help me study and offer to take her to a good restaurant with specialties from my country. I can say that I invite her as a form of gratitude.

Option 2: Ask her to help me study and offer to help her with her own studies (she has an exam coming up and I know exactly how to prepare her)

Option 3: Just take her to the restaurant, practice a bit but make it seem like a date

Could you please give me some advice on how to handle things after the 1st meeting? I am not sure what is the best way to set a second date.

Thanks, mates