Hi guys,

Even though I do not really like online dating, I use it to pull dates so I can practice my dating routines as well as texting stuff. I had a profile in an online dating site (eHarmony) which showed my age as 35 and that was an unbelievably successful profile because I managed to pull at least one or two days per week. Then I decided to change my target to chicks with a lower age so I removed that profile and created a new one whit a the exact same photos and content but with a different name and age (age was changed to 30 which is my real age). But surprising after having this brand new profile for two weeks nobody has ever replied on any of my messages. Chicks just visit my profile and do not contact, or reply on my messages (even though I see they have read the email). Some girls have even blocked me there!

This is very strange because the content of my profile (what I am passionate about, what I am looking for etc) is the same. My photos are pretty much the same as the old profile. But I am getting no attention whatsoever. What can make this big difference do you think?