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    Default How to Build A Killer Social Circle?

    Hi, I am Napoleon, quiet an ancient guy at pickup but I am actually familiar with build a killer social circle by myself as I spend most of my time on cold approach.

    Recently I am just wondering how it feels like to build a killer social circle that filled with elite men and gorgeous, high status women…so I am thought why don’t I build one myself ?!

    But the problem now is I have no idea how to start despite of my enormous experience with women.

    Anyone have any book to recommend or have previous experience can share with me or have any thought on this?

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    Default Re: How to Build A Killer Social Circle?

    The first key to getting a solid social circle together is to find yourself. Hitting on women with cold approaches is pretty superficial after a while but having a social circle is all about depth. The key is to emanate happiness because we are hard-wired to be attracted to it.

    Some keys to finding happiness I've found through my own journey with Buddhism and seeking fulfillment with my career. I am on the path to developing my own social circles because since I have genuine interests and am a sociable person I always have something to talk about with almost anyone, and my friends range from high up tech guys to fashion moguls.

    You begin to realize that asking a dude to chill and grab a beer is nbd if they seem alright, and you'll develop relations with those around you easily that way. the cool thing is that you don't need to work as hard in these interactions because you're not trying to develop attraction, just find common ground and accept the other person for who they are (I used to get intimidated by successful people because I had a lack of self-worth, and that led me to not pursue relationships with people actually successful like me because of it. Recently I've impressed both myself and my ex-gf when I went to visit her because I grew up a little and began to just accept that everyone is on their own path and that no one is "better" than anyone else).

    If you fee like eating, instead of cooking dinner at home hit up your neighbor you exchanged numbers with when you first moved in. If you guys have similar interests you now have the first of a social circle that you can easily invite more people to hang out with (if you frame what you are interested in in broad and interesting ways and learn to tell good stories it's hard not to get along with anyone, have a few stories prepared just for safety if things lull). Just have fun and consciously work to accept everyone for who they are and people will notice you don't judge them and want to chill.

    I'm working on it myself now so this isn't perfect and proven advice, but I hope it helps, and I wanted to express that there are people out there that can relate. As for books I remember Malcom Gladwell's books having a good impact on my ability to tell stories, and there is a book titled "How to influence people and make friends" having quite a generic impact on my everyday kindness. for direct tips I would just work on being who you think would be the coolest version of you because once you start doing you people just seem to flow into your life. Kindness cannot be underrated

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