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    Default First attempt at day game, straight rejection, feeling good!

    Hey there

    So today I decided to try opening a random girl in front of a shopping center. I can't recall the last time I opened a completely random girl out on the street, so this was all new for me, but I tried nevertheless.

    Alright, so I see this girl walking, probably a 6-7, I just wanted to practise, not really intended to pick up or anything. She was walking kind of slow, so I could kind of tell she could be sad or some shit, but I am generally pretty good at comforting people, so I just went for it. I walk after her & when I'm about 10 feet away, I see her bending down to pick something up.

    "Hey, what did you find?" I say lightly, cracking a smile

    No answer. Completely ignored me, didn't even look at me.

    A second later I tell her "I'm talking to you", in a pretty light way aswell. Still no answer. Still doesn't even look at me.

    "Speak the language?" I ask

    She replies, so quietly I can barely hear it, "No". It didn't sound like she had any accent though, but hard to tell over just one word.

    "Okay", I said, walking away. I almost burst out laughing. Who the hell was she? Some incredibly insecure chick? Or having a really, really bad day?

    What would an expert PUA do at this point? Try to open her up, maybe inquire about her presumably bad day? Try different languages? I could have tried for the laughs, but didn't.

    Anyway, my very first approach was a pretty straight rejection, and damn, it didn't feel bad at all! In fact, I feel really good that I did try & I am relieved that a rejection does not hurt at all, and I do mean not at all. This is good encouragement for the next time.

    Give me your thoughts, Artists.

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    Default Re: First attempt at day game, straight rejection, feeling good!

    Personally, I would have just moved onto the next one. I like the idea of trying a different language because it's funny, but after 3 tries and your only response is a "no"... that would be my cue to exit. Don't over think it, she was a 7 at best & she's 1 out of a million others just like her. Good luck!
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