Hey, so summary is I wanted to ask advice on how to pursue this one girl when there is another in the group that is hard pursuing you.
Basically, I had got to know this mixed gender group (15+ ppl, with equal guys/gals). The group knew each other for a while, and I just joined them. Immediately I notice a cute girl in the back and this is the girl in the group who I am targeting. She is shier and a little younger than the others for sure, we'll call her my target. I start by being social to everyone, not targeting anyone yet, the group likes me for being alpha, interesting, etc. So this other girl, we'll call her girl A, is immediately interested in me, starts flooding me with IOIs and tbh, I'm not at all interested in her. But in my process of engaging everyone, I do not really ignore anyone, esp if they initiate conversation with me. So now girl A kinda follows me around the group and makes it rather difficult to isolate my target. I have of course talked to my target, but only as an acquaintance. So my first major question is how do I remain strongly social in the group to show social proof I guess, and not let girl A get in the way of me getting my target (i.e. isolate my target). Would I have to seriously let girl A know I'm not interested in her? Would this result in her bad-mouthing me to her group? Am I just worried about nothing ?
Other pertinent info is that the main language spoken in that group is not my first language, but they can speak English. Also I do not see this group too often (~1-2x / mo). And I have met this group 2 times before. Girl A is very outgoing and a mini-leader of their group. My target is somewhat shier and a bit of a follower in their group.
Thanks for your attention guys (and girls)