Why do I always do this? I always get burnt out mid-Summer and want to cop out. I have 2 GF's at work I have my own freaking fan club but anyway my wing and I went out a few times but we never approached (due to poor turn outs and AA) but I always approach going Hans Solo. Maybe I am too worried about impressing him?

Anyways he wants to go this weekend but I am like MEH I am so good at this I just want my tatts right now ugh. So I am kinda wanting to hold off till next Summer. I always do this wanting to plant in Harvest time and wanting to Harvest in planting time. I know come Winter I will be whining about Summer but here it is in my finger tips and my next tatt is 1 month away! But my artist says it is perfect, he can't wait, showing it off. This is the fruits of my hard labor since it is my 5th tatt I finally came up with a very unique idea. Anyways it is beyond awesome.

So my question is should I go out with my Wing? We are going to try pulling at the end to kickstart SNL game but my logistics suck since I don't want to get a shared hotel, stay with my buddy in the city but he picks me up at 1am so I don't drink and drive but then if I pull hang out 10 min on the sidewalk and be like "uhh I gotta go but can I spend the night with you?"

Anyways the logistics are screwing with my mind sure I could drop $100 on hotel and cab for myself but I ain't that desperate to get laid as that is a risk everytime for something so up in the air. Anyways should I go, if so why? I can get validation and numbers from any Dimepiece I want but kinda like thinking these girls want to go home with guys not take guys home but maybe I am wrong. Also kinda thinking they are looking for guys who take girls home as that is less needy and my friend won't let girls crash so I am royally screwed until I get my own place?