Okay so last night I ran into a girl that I met in pre school , we kind of grew up together for 4-5 years and then I moved away. I always had a crush on her but we were very young at the time I'm talking like 7or 8.

Also I'm very close family friends with one of her good friends.
Anyway I bumped into her last night at the pub and she instantly knew who I was and introduced me to her friends I layed some good kino down on her and we flirted.

She was saying playful things like we're getting married and other stupid stuff lol

Then she had to get back to her friends... She was there with like 10 people also had a good amount of dudes in rotation hitting on her.

I seen her later in the night and grabbed her hands and told her she was needed on the dance floor. I then got resistance and she made some excuse about leaving soon with her friends or some dumb stuff.

Anyway she ended up getting kicked out with a whole bunch of people
I have her on social media and I was gonna message her
Hey ugle how was the rest of zee night ? Then try to ask her out on a date

(Proper spelling though I'm just paraphrasing just incase she ever searched google )
How would you approach this