Hi so I have known this girl for a little over two years. At the beginning I had a crush on her but it faded after a while as I met other girls. We have talked on and off since then, but this past year I started having more regular, friendly contact with her. In the beginning of June, SHE suggested that we hang out sometime this summer and I agreed. However I've been out of town for the past 5 or so weeks so we are finally getting to hanging out this Friday. However I don't know if she wants to hang out as friends or is looking for more. I wouldn't mind dating her at some point, but my main question is what are some things we could do together this Friday that would let us get to know each other better and maybe set the stage for more. Also how should I act during it? Note: we've never hung out alone in an unstructured setting before. Thanks in advance for the help!