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Thread: Kinda lost - Need some perspective

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    Default Re: Kinda lost - Need some perspective

    Ah, Pepito, it's like you're in my head and speaking for me. I have these exact thoughts. Your frustrations seem to be in the "what's the point?" direction. Simply put, you need to abandon the ideal.

    Let's scale this down. if there were 20 people in the whole world, 10 men and 10 women, Ideally they would break up into 10 pairs and live happily ever after....that's your fantasy.

    But people don't work that way. Nature doesn't work that way. There are too many variables that won't allow that to be viable. What if one of them dies? What if one of them is infertile? For unknown reasons, nature made us extremely dissatisfied creatures.

    To be fair, I know there are couples out there that meet up early with little effort and stay happily together for the rest of their lives. They do exist. These are people that are "easily content." In the 10 pairs scenario, using numbers and ratios that just seems to make sense to me with no scientific basis, 1 of the 10 women and 8 of the 10 men are "easily content." The odds of you finding this ideal relationship are pretty slim. It's less then the perceived 10%. Because guess what? she has an 80% chance of being in a happy relationship, so is taken! Furthermore, if she were unlucky enough to hook up with a discontent man, she would be changed, and less easy to please.

    But let's look at the 9 other women...the leftovers. Truth is they are not terrible people. They just want to be challenged emotionally. They see the discontent men and see a kindred spirit. They crave that connection. More importantly, they feel valued and special at the idea of making that man content, especially knowing that the other women couldn't.

    So to answer your need for a different perspective, accept that this isn't something that will magically change. Accept that this is how women are wired for some reason, and for some reason you like the way women are wired. Accept the challenge.

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    Default Re: Kinda lost - Need some perspective

    What girls say they want and what they actually want are totally different. She is willing to settle down with an average guy because he is less likely to cheat, while they are willing to have affairs and one-night stands with the bad-boys or ones with game.
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