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    Default Advice on relationship with friend

    Hello everyone, I wanna say in advance thanks for taking the time to read this cause everyones advice on this site has been great and always helpful! Now onto the story:

    So I have feelings for one of my good female friends. I'll try to describe our relationship quickly:

    We aren't what I'd call "gay best friends", but we are good friends. (i.e.: I have female friends for whom I would never have a chance with because they tell me their feelings about boys, blahblahblah).
    I would certainly say there have been moments when we have mutually shown attraction: whether it's holding hands walking home, dancing together at a salsa club, etc. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that there is physical chemistry between us as well as an emotional connection. We hang out one on one and chat, but I try not to be to needy..

    Anyway, she's been away with family for a month now or so and comes back in about a month. I've been keeping in contact with her on and off as I would a HB I was texting over a break, not coming off as needy but still being interesting when talking.

    I guess my question is, what is the next step I should take with this? I really would like to give it a shot, even though I know that often this does't work out and the friendship isn't quite the same (I think given the nature of our friendship we wouldn't be too awkward around each other if it failed). It's not a oneitis thing, I've been talking to other girls too and getting out there, it's just something that I would like to not regret not trying (poorly phrased).

    Anyway, if anyone has any advice how to go about this or has done something like this with a friend before your advice is much appreciated! Thanks!

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    Default Re: Advice on relationship with friend

    Start escalating and break rapport. Gain investment by qualifying her and go for the kiss. The longer you wait and don't make a move, he more likely she will begin to lose intererest and just friendzone you.
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