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    Lightbulb Need advice for a girl that i know for a year.

    Hello PUA community, I need an advice to trick a girl to build a relationship that would not mean a serious relationship. Here's the current situation; There is a girl that i know since last summer we were at the same office for an internship and we're in the same college. As far as I know she does not have any BF and she did not have long term serious relationships. The longest time she spend with someone would probably 1 month. She is also very sportive and definitely not a fussy person. She is HB7.5 and I really want to make something with her. Tomorrow we are gonna make a day trip to somewhere in our city with our friends (including her) totally 2 girls and 2 guys (incl. me). Any applicable PUA trick would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Need advice for a girl that i know for a year.

    K. So you got a bit of timeto spend with her. The more friends that are going with you the better chances you'll have to isolate. But that shouldnt matter. I'd try to he super friendly with everyone and kino too like it doesnt matter. Kino people you know with either hugs or hand shakes for starters and then when people are sitting down and you havent yet start giving people massages. Most people aren't going to act weird about it and if they do they'll tell you. Use the excuse that they seemed stressed and that you're good with your hands. Just make sure that you hold your kino with her a bit longer to generate more tension. Do not just focus on her unless you can isolate. In the crowd of people you're with you should be defining the level of fun in the group. Lead. The more you do this the more you can distract everyone else. When you get into a busy location where people are likely to stray then let people linger and pull her away by saying things like "lets go exploring" or "looks like everyone picked a partner for the scavenger hunt. Lets go see who can win first" regardless of how stupid it all sounds it gives her a reason to feel comfortable isolating with you because its not serious and its not saying hey im gonna kiss you. By isolating you have a better time and place to build and break rapport as well as isolate. I'd give her the rule of thumb of 3 laughs and 3 smiles to go in for a kiss.
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