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    Default How to go quick for sex while being boyfriend material?

    Hey fellas,

    The title pretty much says it all. I met this chick, we meet again, talk, connect & all, went for k-close, met next time, same thing, planned 3rd date, but 2 days later, she asks to reschedule for "another day" (not a weekend). During those dates, there were lots of kissing, cuddling & touching but couldn't get her to bed. I now noticed that she's trying to avoid/postpone sex.
    At some point in those dates, she asked me about the longest relationship I've been in & made the mistake of telling her the truth which is about 4years. I am sure now she sees me as a boyfriend material.
    On that 3rd date, I was getting lots of texts & she asked me if I am seeing other girls, I told her I am, & told her about a coworker of mine I went out with. She asked me if I slept with her, I told her I am not the kinda guy who kiss & tell, but I didn't because I wasn't sure if I wanted to go out with her again. She then asked me how many dates does it take me before I go for sex. I said "it depends" usually 2 to 3.

    That day, she asked to me walk her home, I walked her home & asked to use her bathroom & did. She later that night texted me that she had so much fun with me & she wants to show me how to cook something sometime.

    We already planned a dinner date for this weekend, but 2 days later she texted me asking if it's possible to reschedule for Monday instead of Friday?
    To me, it seems like a pattern with her, we go out, have fun, she gets all high, excited & plan lots of things then adjust it few days later.

    I know I made several mistakes here, but is there anyway to recover?
    How do I get her to bed quick? Any strategy? There is also logistics problem, she lives in the city & I live not far away but outside the city.


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    Default Re: How to go quick for sex while being boyfriend material?

    You don't want to qualify yourself to her. That's good you recognized that. I always give vague or funny answers, especially to personal questions like that and they usually laugh and forget about it. If they ask again, then you can tell them, but then get them start qualifying themselves to you so they are more invested than you are and, therefore, they are chasing you. Go for the full close the next time you see her.
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