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Thread: 60 Day Challenge: Can I pull it off?

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    Default 60 Day Challenge: Can I pull it off?

    Got burned today by all my work GF's cuz I took a chance and said what the hell and why not? Mentioned lightly on my tattoo. Chick from FB invites herself and I tell her no cuz I invited some other chick and she already said yes. So she cussed me out and told me I can't do what I want with my life and on FB. Like FOR REAL?!

    Anyway I tagged that broad on my FB and she actually liked the status where this all went down on so I guessing she saw it. But as you guys said Outcome Independant. So I thought how can I get EVEN MORE outcome Independant? So I kicked it up a notch and blocked all my work GF's who were harassing about what I posted on FB. Anyway I blew it up wrote a huge long story and tagged her on it even further letting the world know I don't give a fark.

    No no it was not a love story it was MY Story. I barely mentioned her just a brisk surfacing. My artist said he is Stoked for my tattoo, mine! He never said that so this time it's getting pretty real anyway I was right. My current orbiter chick a 9 said "she loves my tattoos" and tattooed chicks scope me hard all the time and even non tattooed ones. Girls invite themselves to lift up my shirt all the friggin time. This is exactly what I wanted and I am taking a 60 day challenge after all the yelling and cussing abuse from girls jealous and rage quitting on me cuz I freaking said I liked someone else sheesh all I said is another girl is coming.

    Anyway my 60 day challenge is to "Never get mad at another rejection" can it be done seems impossible but it would be awesome to joke over text when I am getting laid into or rudely dismissed with a Fark off kind of terrible attitude. I could hide it from them at work but not on FB cuz they are FB stalking me! Blocked and dismissed, bye Felicia! Worst break ups I seen in my life man not on me but on them. They literally flipped a gasket like the lot of them. Been cussed at so much last week by my mini-harem cuz I was wavering and losing interest even in all 4 of them! Because I am getting better at attraction I can't make them go away! Switching to 1 or 2 really hot ones who don't know each other and play my cards better.
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    Default Re: 60 Day Challenge: Can I pull it off?

    Go for it man. Once you get 60 days down, you've already built a habit where you won't give a damn about what anybody else thinks or does.
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