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    Default One hell of a situation, some new ground

    So I've been sleeping with this girl for a few months, we have had a casual relationship thing going on, but we aren't exclusive. I have developed some feelings for her, I can't help it.

    Last night we went on a double date, and he kept calling her my girlfriend, which she kept correcting him on. Of course, once he found this out, he kept polishing that apple in an attempt to create a rift between us, which I spotted off the bat, so I played into it mentioning how I could never be her boyfriend, she doesn't like this or that and blah blah. I also started using some push and pull, and before it was over she has constantly on me. His date went home, he asked about mine, I told him I had some stuff to sort out, and they had plans to watch a movie at her place. She asked me several times and mentioned she wanted me to watch the movie with them, so we ended up watching it at my place.

    They left, I stayed home and crawled into bed, then said fuck it, went over to her house and we spent the day making lunch, snuggling and...other stuff. Now she was straight about his texts, even though I told her she should do what she wants, though I don't like the idea of him pursuing her, as I feel it is immoral of him and I would never do something like that to a friend. She told me he asked her out, once again I said that I don't like that idea, but you should do what you want, and got up to leave, not angry or sad or anything, just told her "I'm going home to take a shower."

    She came up to me and asked me not to make her beg for me to stay, so we had some more play time before I left, and we did discuss our status as a couple a bit, to which she basically replied she is enjoying her freedom, and she is scared of commitment. I told her that I know, and hinted that I wanted more.

    I feel I have two options, I can either

    a) exit stage left - I'm not angry with either one of them, though I don't see myself being friends with this guy in the future. I feel that if they want to pursue this, it is fine, but I will be the price paid for that endeavor, as she has been mentioning other guys wanting to see her, people she has been talking to on dating sites, etc for a couple weeks now, I feel it best considering my feelings from walking away

    b) push the issue and try to fight for her - I see this as an bad option as it could easily just push her away.

    I totally need some fresh perspective on the matter, as I have never really dealt with anything like this before.
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    Default Re: One hell of a situation, some new ground

    Good work on the push-pull during the date and following up with her to her place. I think you know the answer already. You don't need to fight for anyone unless you love her and you seem good with option A. I like your signature: KISS - Keep it Stupid Simple
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