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    Default Getting back in the game

    Since this is my first post, I'd like to give a little background on myself so you guys can understand where I'm coming from.

    When I was young I was shy and had no one to teach me how to talk to women. Because of this, I was a virgin until 20. I was always a geek and pretty smart but never heard of PUA's until after I joined the military at 19. Once I learned about these techniques and mostly how to approach women, I started learning very quickly and going out to clubs/bars alone when I was not deployed on operations/missions. I did this for about 3 years and the results were that I had a constant rotation of girls, was able to open huge sets, had a threesome, even slept with 4 girls in a day at one point.

    Just before I got out of the military I decided it was time to start a real relationship so I opened an account on POF and started gaming there. Within days I had dates in the city I was moving to, even before I was there. Once I got there I went on several dates and met an HB7 that had all the relationship attributes I was looking for in a girlfriend. For a year I was with her and focused on my career and getting money.

    4 weeks ago, we had spent a little bit over a year together and I realized that I was bored with her and that she wasn't wifey material... so I dumped her. I did love her so it took me about 3 weeks to get myself into a good mindset to go gaming again.

    A week ago I went with a friend for the first time since I met my ex-girlfriend to a club. As soon as I got in I was a little intimidated... I was scared that my calibration would be way off and that I wouldn't be able to open sets. I did my usual walk around and had 2 drinks with my friend. As soon as I had that liquid courage, it was like riding a bicycle. Opened a set of HB8 -9's and within minutes had the number of an HB 8.5. Spent the rest of the night building attraction and mostly rapport. I did this because from experience I could get a lot of numbers within a night but get very little call backs if I didn't build enough rapport.

    Since then I went on 2 dates with her, got k close and a 3rd date where I will try a f close. This girl is a bartender at another bar and just got out of a long relationship (3 years). She is pretty young 20 and all her friends are clubbers but she seems to be the calm girl of the bunch (shes the driver every time). On our 2nd date she tried to get me to go to a club with her friends after our date. I brushed it off and spent the night at my place making out with her instead. Yesterday night she invited again to go out with her friends after she would finish work. She was supposed to finish at 10:30PM and give me a call to come by and go together. I texted her around 7 PM to confirm and she didn't answer. At 00:03 she texted me saying sorry that her boss didn't let her leave until midnight and that she wouldn't go because she was tired. I kinda brushed it off and invited her for a date on Monday and she accepted.

    My question is, why is she constantly trying to get me to meet her friends at a club? I'm thinking its because she wants her friends approval of me but not sure. Overall she seems interested but playing hard to get. I have never dated a bartender girl before as they seem to be players but I think I might give it a try. Also, should I just forget her and get easier targets while im getting back in the game?

    I'm thinking opening a POF account again since I had so much success on there and clubs can get expensive. Also, I work near a University so I think I might also try day-gaming. What do you guys think?

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    Default Re: Getting back in the game

    Why didn't you fully close her when you guys were making out at your place? There could be a number of different reasons why she wants to come meet her friends at the bar/club. Since she is a bartender, she probably just feels comfortable and enjoys being in that environment. I wouldn't recommend a date into a bar/club with a girl you haven't had sex with as it just causes too much distractions. It sounds like you just need to get back into the game. If you want to test the waters with her for a relationship, sleep with her ASAP to get her emotionally invested and see if she fits your lifestyle and personality afterward. If she doesn't fit, you still closed a girl you are attracted to and will help you get back and game other girls.
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