Hi guys.
First of all please excuse my halting english in the followig text.

There is that girl, who had an relationship for 8 years (shes 25 now) and is now single for 4 months.
We meet each other for 4 months now and have great sex.
I would really love to have a serious relationship with her.
We had a huge discussion and a big break 2 months before, because I invested too much in her and the pressure was too much for her.
So we had no contact for just 20 days and then she started to text again.
Now we see each other again, but she clearly said, that shes not ready for something serious and her heart still hurts because of the story with her ex bf and her new situation (own flat / lost a lot of friends / his family ... )
I agreed to that and said, that we should not think that much about everything and just see where the "flow" will bring us.

Last week we fixed a date for last friday and just 1 hour before we should meet each other, she wrote me that shes not feeling very good, thats shes sad and she would understand when we move that date.
I ignored that and met her anyways. We had fun & great sex.
But after the sex I noticed that she was not really with me and her thoughts went crazy. It was a terrible situation and the distance between us was huuuuge.
I didnt know what to do and just went home that night (I didnt really leave her .. she said it would be time) and freezed her.
Today she texted me again.
I try to translate the text.

"Hi, I just wanted to say something about friday.
I dont want to say that I didnt warn you, but I did .. ^^
I had a terrible week at work and besides that everyone has these times when your thoughts go crazy, even if everything is ok.
Or when I feel all these changes and I notice that everything is different and I have to get used first to all of this .. or there are specific incidents .. so much has changed .. and besides that, even all the new freedom and possibilities can creep you out and worry you.
I cant really express myself in this text, but I didnt dare to talk about this last friday .. because I always think that youre not interested in that or you just dont wanna hear it.
I hope you dont regret that you visited me last friday. I want to say that it had nothing to do with you .. and Im glad that you came even though you knew about the harsh conditions."

So, thats her text.
I have to add that I made clear that I never want to hear about other guys shes dating and I already made some drama in the beginnig about other guys. But I have myself under control now. And I know shes on Tinder and stuff and that shes doing a lot of dating .. she wants to experience new stuff and get to know herself better.
Have in mind that she jumped in her relationship at the age of 16 and had no normal dating experience since then.
So I kind of understand her in this regard.

So what the hell do I do now?
What should I answer?
Always in mind that my goal is a relationship with that chick.

Would be really glad about some good advice.
If you have questions, just ask.