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    Default How should I proceed with this one

    Hi Guys,

    Iím new to the site and need some advice regarding the current situation I find myself in with a girl Iím starting to really like. We met
    three months ago I met a girl while playing a video game online I play daily, except when I go out on dates or out with friends. This girl at the time was involved in a negative LTR that was coming to an end and I was dating someone. We played together and flirted from time to time and about two month ago she broke up with her ex and I kept doing what I was doing. We started talking a little more and although she lives about two hours away we decided to meet. First date was a simple walk in the park and ended with a kiss. I also found out she suffers from social anxiety and has panic attacks and she has low self-esteem. Due to distance our second date was 3 weeks later and we slept together, the following day we had a conversation and she told me she was not ready for a relationship and wanted to keep things the way they are but did not want us to date other people. She told me she was very worried about letting me down and I told her Iím not like those guys in the past. I thought about backing off and giving her some time to think but this thing has caused me anxiety.

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    Default Re: How should I proceed with this one

    It sounds like you just need to build a lot of comfort with her. If you are fine with long distance relationships and seeing her every so often, then continue seeing her. I personally would just focus my time and energy by gaming the abundance of women nearby you. It's less draining on you.
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