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Thread: gaming at the gym- is it ok?

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    Default Re: gaming at the gym- is it ok?

    Honestly I've never tried gaming in the gym (besides girls you can tell don't work out regularly, you can typically tell by the physique of they're legs and the amount of seriousness in their expression) because they honestly don't seem my type. Don't get me wrong, I'm an athlete and really want a girl who will work out with me, but the ones at the gyms I go to (my MMA gym and the local YMCA [not the high school weight room only has male jocks are there we get there 2 hours before school starts]) either are manly (as in look like dykes), are too skinny, or have an obsession and have that "I can do whatever a man can attitude" that I find extremely unattractive. I'm into more feminine women. I've only had exceptions when they're the white girls with HUGE asses from squats and leg workouts but I always hit the boyfriend barrier and stop there because I don't feel like getting into a physical confrontation. When I do try to game them, I try to catch them squatting or benching and asking if they need a spot and while we lift together I build rapport about things in their personal life. I only game girls at the Y, I feel it's completely out of line to game girls at the MMA gym because they are more team mates than work out buddies. Even then, theres only 2 there I find attractive (one of which has the big white girl ass in Yoga spandex I was talking about).

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    Default Re: gaming at the gym- is it ok?

    I don't really game at the gym as I'm purely focused on getting the most effective workout and take short breaks (if any) between sets. Girls also may be self-conscious as they are not dressed to go out and they are in the mindset of working out also. I'll still be social when appropriate.
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