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Thread: how to avoid these situations- doing things you dont want to

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    Default how to avoid these situations- doing things you dont want to

    So I was on tinder and met a girl who we have been texting on and off. She's far- 2 hours and now she's moving to Cali for a few months. I jokingly suggested skyping- but I figured we'd skype a week later. This was last week. our texts are always funny light and fun. She enjoys texting me, and i always make sure at least one post is sexual every so often.

    Today in the morning before she was going to sleep (shes a nurse on the night shift) she wanted to skype. like really really bad. I didnt, because 1 im at my parents for the weekend and 2. I dont want to wake them up and 3. because I woke up and want to do other shit.

    Well, anyway I acquiesed. I was going to skype on my phone and while we were doing it I didnt realize how loud the speaker is- so after a few minutes i said I had to go because my parents are waking up. they weren't i just didnt want them to hear my convo.

    Anyway it was awkward- one because it was sudden and 2 because I hated doing it. but I get the feeling she was horny because of my texts and wanted to skype to see me. I wasn't in the mood because I really didnt want to early in the morning. Also I was a bit insecure about how I looked on the phone. I closed on her and said we'll do it later and she kept saying how busy she was.

    I told her by text I was sorry it was early in the morning and I didnt want to seem like I was avoiding her so I skyped. But we really should this night. ( I didnt even have my alpha voice on because I didnt want my parents hearing- there's so much pressure to skype properly that it kinda took away my ability to have a good conversation).

    What can I do to avoid these situations. What can I say to her to make these conversations fun? I hate skyping honestly because you cant make it sexual because you cant touch them- and its not like I'm sitting here turning her on by just talking.

    There has to be something canned I can do for the first 5 minutes to make it interesting and then go from there.

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    Default Re: how to avoid these situations- doing things you dont want to

    Why are you thinking so much about it? and why are you self conscious about how you look? Dude you still have to work on your inner game. You think you can't make it sexual through speech with no touch, but you can with text. What's up with that?
    If you didn't want to Skype, don't; not even if she begs.
    As for skyping in general just have a normal fun conversation. You don't need gambits and routines. Sure they're good when you start your PU journey, but you can't rely on them forever man. It's time you spread your wings. PM me whenever bro. Good Luck !!!
    "The world will never change much less become what you want it to be. The only thing that can change is you. Face your fears, grow stronger and become what you want to be."

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    Default Re: how to avoid these situations- doing things you dont want to

    Xavier said most of what i wanted to point out. I just wanted to add that you could have stepped outside. Wifi might just be enough to be covered to the porch.

    Also why are you so worried about what people think? You know you can game EVERYONE right? Lead the situation with everyone--even your parents. Does it really matter if they know you're dating or talking to a girl? Yes they might think its cute or try to talk to you about it but you can divert the concersations to your advantage.

    Personally i would suggest EMBRACING EVERYTHINGso it IMPROVES YOUR GAME.
    Every moment counts, get out of your head and enjoy it.

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