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    Default Unsure how to proceed, texting, long distance setting up new date

    Long story, semi short. Met this girl on tinder 2 months ago, we live 3 hours apart. My textgame is working good for me and I've had many dates with others after this type of texting, but I write fairly long texts. Anyways, I'm looking for more than just ons and so was this girl. She came to visit me like 6 weeks ago, we had sex, she stayed till mid day the day after and it felt like we had really good chemistry together. As she was leaving, she said that we should defiantly continue staying in touch, and I agreed.

    We wrote texts like normal afterwards. I never text twice and always wait for her to reply. She would take like two hours in the start to reply and so would I. Now it takes up to one day for a reply and I reply back anywhere from 15 minutes to a day myself. Our texting is pretty diary-ish, talking about our days etc. I feel like I'm being myself in my texts, I'm a manager for a big store here where I live, which I think reflects the way I type. I never feel like I'm lowering my value or anything when I respond, if she write something like "I was late for this or that" I'll write back something like "didn't think you were that bad at keeping time" and then she writes back trying to qualify to me. I've never had trouble being cocky/funny and she clearly appreciate that.

    I do have some worries though. It's been 6 weeks since we saw each other, been texting every day since that, I've tried to set up dates 3 times since then, but there was always something (seems legit though). First time she had a wedding of a family member, 2nd time she said yes to meeting me (2,5 weeks ago)she asked what I had in mind and I replied "got a new recipe we should really try, and watch a movie and so on". the day after wrote that she realized she had to work that day. Finally I asked her to meet me at a city 45 minutes from her place where there is a cool museum, so I said "museum and dinner after on Sunday" and she replied that she planned to sell her two horses that weekend, but if she managed to do that before Sunday she would absolutely go. Turned out she didn't manage to sell the last one till that Sunday. She did however write that she felt really bad about not having time now that I did, and that it's a shame we live so far. Now she started uni for a masters degree. Already have the bachelor so it's two years of studies. Being busiy with all that it's hard to make time and I don't want to seem needy trying to set up more dates. There's lots of stuff going on in my life too making it more difficult to plan ahead.

    I realized we actually only text and don't call, so I wrote her last Thursday that since we both have so much going on the next week, we could call this weekend and talk over phone. She replied that it was a good idea. However when I tried calling her Saturday around 8pm she didn't respond and she didn't text me until around 5pm yesterday saying "saw you tried calling yesterday!!! I'm not really using my phone when I get throwned into a strangers party.. Just had breakfast now lol. Good thing the weekend is soon over! "

    I don't know what to do from here. I wrote back that we could call now, but I get people over soon and I start work early tomorrow" tried calling but no answer. She wrote back around 10pm asking if I still had people over and said she been out training some other horses and such and just got in again for food. I just replied "they left like 20 minutes ago, so just me on the sofa now" haven't gotten a reply yet.

    I'm 29 she is 24 years old

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    Default Re: Unsure how to proceed, texting, long distance setting up new date

    It sounds like she really likes you. Playing text tag is pretty annoying. You shouldn't have long and deep conversations over text. You can be light and playful but it should be used for setting up dates. Find out what her schedule is like and set up a time and place to meet.
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