Hi everyone

I am seeking for advice about a girl I am really into. You may have heard my story a while ago about a model who dances salsa and this is the girl I am still trying to be with.

To give you a brief picture of the situation – I dated that girl (in UK) maybe four times & had slept with her twice before I went home (to France). This was 4 weeks ago. It wasn’t easy to stay in touch with her & to keep her interest aroused on me while being away for that long… We did write to each other regularly (maybe every 4-5 days) but quite often it wasn’t really a ‘live’ discussion (only once); only text messages & not always instant.
About 2 weeks back home, she sent two series of messages around 2 & 5 am on a saturday. The first series was on my phone saying I was the greatest man she ever met & the 2nd series about her apologising as she put on facebook we were in a relationship saying she didn’t want to be chatted up anymore… She even put a message on facebook : ‘My dear husband I miss you greatly, please come home’ – bit of inner joke about us who got married the night I met her. I was away in a remote place at that time & couldn’t access internet yet in order to keep her attracted, I replied to her I fell impotent at that time as my wife was getting chatted up & I couldn’t do nothing at the time (text). To keep her interested in me, I said we could never be together anyway as we would make kids too beautiful. Since then, it seems she’s a bit more distant, even though she seemed keen to chat with me again the following week (we ended up not being able to as she was busy the day we agreed to chat & then I left again for 4 days in another remote place without internet connection). I should mention that she also removed the relationship status before I left for that 4 days week end. This was 3 weeks in. I didn’t have any messages (fb or text) & sent her a message teasing her a bit, saying (I was missing the noise of her snoring next to me in bed) & saying I thought of her as there was a guy playing piano inside the train station (she’s getting back into piano). A few days later I still didn’t have any reply & she didn’t get back to me since the time we were supposed to catch up. She also removed the post on facebook saying she was missing me & asking me to come back… I kinda panicked seeing her moving away & sent her a text telling her to stop what she was doing to come visit me in my home town for the last few days I had left – This was because she was supposed to come to Belgium & we sort of said it would be good to meet up in France if she was doing so but it didn’t happen. Also, for a date we had before I left, she once told me I should have insisted about her taking a taxi to join me in town (she was saying no no I don’t need a taxi so I didn’t insist too much & let her do as she said…). – But no answer. Then two days later (on Sunday) I sent her a jokey message teasing her/asking her whether she lost her sausage fingers for having played too much music (inner joke for not texting me) & invited her to meet up in London as I am visiting a friend there on Weds until the week end. But here I am without answers, which really annoys me.

Everything seems complex with that girl: We met briefly, got on well, but I went away for 4 weeks & when I get back to UK, she will be there for 2-3 weeks and then she moves away down south… She did tell me on a date she didn’t know why we were seeing each other & I replied to enjoy & have fun. I am really keen on her & would like to keep dating even though she’s moving out; I even bought her some lipstick two weeks ago but she doesn’t know it too.

I am not sure what to do, how to try to meet up with her when I get back. Whether I should call her when I get back to UK on Weds (since she doesn’t reply to texts), wait for the week end (I saw on Facebook she’s doing an event on Friday for her move down south but she didn’t invite me), go back to some of the salsa nights she’s often without telling her ? Tell her I have a surprise for her but lipstick may be a wrong idea!? Should I organise a night/week end out somewhere but this move of spending money & try to do something romantic seems clumsy and may work against me!?

Well as you can see I am a bit lost & would really appreciate your advice.

Cheers guys