When To Push/Pull:

Whenever u want but not in comfort u'll look like an ass. Put urself in the HB's shoes u like this guy and u're trying to build rapport with him and all he does is joke around. Break rapport to pull away but use freeze outs to do so.
I understand why you should break rapport and not push/pull in comfort. I want to make sure I'm breaking rapport correctly. For instance I dont want to think I'm breaking rapport by going sexual with her and then start push/pulling her, when she is still stuck in comfort.

What does it mean by using freeze outs to break rapport?

I'm comforting a girl tonight who text me about problems she is having in her family. Our conversations are usually flirty/fun/teasing, but I decided to tone it back tonight and get on a deeper level with her. Now I'm ready to transition into being fun/flirty again. Does this mean I need to break rapport by not texting back for a few hours and then start on a new topic.