Korean girl on short term assignment in my company. Gone out with her 4 times with minimal kino and good levels of comfort building. She is leaving the country in 5 days time and in my somewhat desperate attempt to escalate (looking for a long term relationship with her not just to seal the deal ie. sleeping with her) told her that I 'liked her' and 'would date her' on our last day last night to which she said 'but I'm leaving'. I left the conversation at that. We hugged for the first time while saying goodbye last night.

I then texted her the following:

Me: Had a great evening Diane. Thanks for the Korean face masks as belated presents!
[I asked her out on my birthday a few weeks back and playfully asked for a birthday gift]

And you know, i wasn't drunk when I went for it night! [in this context I meant telling that I liked her]

Her: Haha ok so now I know your tolerance level. Good night! [she meant to alcohol]
You'll have baby skin after the mask.

Me: thanks. Anyway they say you'll always miss unless you gave it a shot doesn't matter if you were leaving

Her :That's pretty deep thought as well haha

So what do you reckon guys. Is this a lost cause and I need to come to terms with the fact that I may not be able to develop something further with her due to circumstances. Or what can I do to swing all this in my favour?