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    Default Missed connection on campus with a perfect girl

    I had a brief conversation with a really hot girl on campus (cold approach). I got her name but I didn't have a chance to ask for her number. So I searched her up on Facebook and her hobbies are almost exactly the same as mine.

    I really want to meet her again, any ideas on how to do so? She doesn't have any classes with me and I rarely talk to any of our mutual friends. Even if I added her on Facebook, I don't think she'll agree to a meeting.

    I'm stuck in an AFC position, please help

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    Default Re: Missed connection on campus with a perfect girl

    Well your attitude is already self defeatest 'I don't think she'll agree to a meeting'/'missed connection'.

    Snap out of that!! You got her name and that's enough to make a good connection. Take it one green light at a time. If FB is the only way you have to connect with her, other than randomly bumping into her on campus, then add her as a friend. If you add her you are not obliged to write anything else just yet but if you do keep it simple like 'Hi it's Lucifer, I met to you the other day '. More than likely she will add you if the conversation was ok when you met.

    From there you can slowly escalate. If you come on too strong she will know instantly your full attraction so perhaps play it cool and only start showing more attraction in response to her. You're just investigating her at this stage. Pretend you haven't looked at her profile much and don't yet realise what common interests you have together...(you are way too busy and cool to be stalking her page right?)...then you can build more attraction as it expands 'What do you do for fitness? Oh you like mountain biking??? Wow me too! What kind of bike do you have?' or whetever it is you have in common. If you go in saying 'Oh I see from your FB page you like mountain biking' it becomes more mechanical and contrived. You want to make her laugh, see you as a unique fun guy and that your common interests are a suprise bonus.

    If she is engaging in the conversation and seems to be enjoying writing to you, you can start opening up further 'what do you want out of life?' etc. Naturally if she is writing to you on FB you can try switch it to a better chat program, texting or even suprise her during the day while you are both in class 'I'm in history class right now...I think the lecturer is actually wearing heritage listed clothes from 1974!! Full corduroy jacket with leather patches on the elbows! Hows your day?'. If she is investing in you, laughing at what you say and writing to you, then you can ask her out. Being on campus together you can keep it fairly casual at first with time constraints 'Oh I'm kind of busy this week but we should definately catch up for a quick coffee sometime, I like talking with you'. Just work on having great conversations with her at first to build attraction.

    Don't think of yourself as being AFC otherwise you will be exactly that. You have to think of yourself as being awesome and that she is very lucky to have met you. You need to be 100% confident in yourself otherwise a hot girl won't be interested.

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