Alright so as I said I have a GF. She is a casual one though and tells me about other guys she is dating. We have been seeing each for like a month and I tried to break up with her last weekend for ignoring me (and partly making out with another guy) in the end she made up with me the day after so we are back together. We have a lot of stuff planned like 2 concerts and a mini-date. So we are both thinking ahead but taking it slow (likely because I am taking it slow).

So anyway I get avoided a lot even when I do see her and she is back at it again. I realize it was cuz I didn't K-close her the other day but whatevs.

Anyway so I am not in the mood to be rewarding her so kinda of ignoring her and freezing her out while talking to other girls like you guys always say....

So I get on FB and messaged this HB9 on there. Well she seemed pretty lonely so I just was like "want to go to XYZ concert?" and she was like yeah for sure when is it. So she said she wants to talk about it tomorrow but I told her I would buy her a ticket. Either way I am planning on making a trade with her if she lets me crash at her place then I'll buy her ticket but I have never Date-Closed a chick on FB ever and much less so quickly! So I'll find out tomorrow but do you think it would be rude of me to say

"Yeah I was planning on buying a hotel but instead if I buy your ticket if I can crash at your place."

Dunno but I think I should verbalize it and just get it out there I mean I don't want to get played for a free ticket. My GF might be there and if she finds me with another chick she'll flip but whatever a man has gotta do what a man has gotta do...

Either way if she says no to letting me crash then I will definitely say no to her but I am thinking she won't as long as I am cool about it. So because I am taking it slow with my GF I decided just play it fast and loose with the new chicks as I have no spare time to be screwing around urr I mean investing too much time and money. No opener just said hey want to go to this concert and BAM got her opening up like crazy. Weird how effective that was when I wasn't trying but anyway at least I know how to work the new chicks

So what should I do and what are your suggestions? I mean this girl is paying me more attention and I know I will have isolation which is where I work best! But part of the problem with my GF is she tries to make everything a group date so if I asked I know there would be drama involved...oh let me find out if so and so is going, we'll all ride together making it another group date!