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    Default HELP! Did she shit test me?

    Hey guys, so i met this girl last year but she had a BF back then. We flirted a little but that was it. Now she´s single and gave me some pretty solid IOI. I also played a little hard to get, though it wasn´t on porpuse, it just happened. So we went out to a club, her friends left the place, i started some kino, it was going well, but then she asked me: "look at the waitresses, which one would you pick?" it took me by surprise so I answered "I wouldn´t pick them, they ´re a little slutty for my taste, and I like brunettes" (she´s a brunette).I didn´t want to sound too needy or horny so I came out with that. She looked at me and smiled but I lost my game at that point. So, was it a shit test? Did I pass it? I´ve been an AFC way too long and I´m trying to develop a new game so any tip will be appreciated.
    Thank you!

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    Default Re: HELP! Did she shit test me?

    The idea in a situation like this is push-pull. You have to put a bit of distance between you two, then close the gap. Each time you pull her a little closer in and build that tension.

    See, I would have said something like:

    I like the blonde one, blondes are kinda my favorite. Even if you like brunettes, you don't tell her that, speak like you aren't really that into her, but at the same time act like you are. It will confuse her, and that is good.
    KISS - Keep it Stupid Simple

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