Hey fellas, I've been hitting the field hard lately and have been really improving in my online and tinder game. I've been opening girls with very engaging and interesting openers, and carrying very good conversations towards number closes. Here's a few opener examples:

Me:"What's something we can do together, that your parents did, it takes 2 people and happens every single day around the world?"

- supposed to bait her into saying sex or acknowledging that I may alluding to sex, regardless I respond by either making a joke telling her "I wasn't thinking a conversation", but sex is good too lol" this can go a lot of ways

Me: Your going to space for 3 years, and you will be alone the whole time. You are allowed to bring a box containing four things, what do you bring?

- this one is simply to get her attention and make her think, trying not to come off like every other AFC with a cliche opener

Me: You don't strike me as the drug dealer type... But if you are, I won't judge

- used this opener on a girl who had a caption where she refered to herself as a "weekend hustler" worked real well

Those are a few examples but my question lies in the next steps of a situation I'm in right now. I matched with an HB8 and opened her with " I bet I can guess where you went to highschool" this worked really well and lead into a rapid fire convo. The convo was very fluid and easy, no compliments, one neg after she told me where she did undergrad and post grad as well as her job (I didn't even ask). It all went well, the convo consisted of her asking me a ton of questions, I purposely let the convo die a few times and she picked it back up. I haven't had an opportunity to make it a bit more flirty, or unconventional yet which is where my question lies, what do I do next? I've got serious. IOI's but I don't know whether to transition this to a date or if I even need to transition it to a date? The convo has been strictly background information on each other, work interest, etc. is there anything else I should do before taking this to the next phase?

Also please give me feedback on the openers, I'm a true *** student so I take no offense, I use these as expiraments because the outcome doesn't matter to me, the effectiveness of the routines is what I care about, so please add to them tear the, apart or give different ideas.