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    Smile I fark up text game. Please help

    So finally I have managed to get a few numbers every week through (direct) day game. But unfortunately for some unknown reasons I fark the numbers up. What happens is that I send a first text message and I get a reply. I send a couple more texts and that's it. The girl stops responding.

    I know the rules and basics of text game. I just feel that the attraction and energy level of those women fades away for some reasons. For example I approached a stunning girl on last Saturday and after getting her number I said why not having coffee together sometime? She said yes sure text me when/where. Then the same night we have a semi-chat through texting and I made her laugh so much. However after a while I told her that I had to say goodbye but I would let her know when to meet but it would probably be next Tuesday after work. I did that because I wanted to end the conversation in its peak. She replied that "Sure sounds good. Have a good night! x".

    So next day I texted her that "Let's meet up at X cafe at 7:30pm". She replied that "I am not sure if I can 100% make it because I am busy". To me it looked like a "be prepared for flaking". Later at night I sent her a text message but she ignored it. Today (Tuesday) she texted and said that she could not make the meet up and we had to cancel.

    When I look at my messages I do not see anything wrong with them. In fact on the first day my messages were very good. But I am not sure why the next day she changed totally. Does anyone have a guess or idea as to why she (and some other women like her) lost interest over night?!

    And the second question is that when this happen, should I try to set up another date or do I have to move on? And what is the best way to rebuild the attraction? e.g. Do I have to freeze her for a couple of days? Should I not mention meeting up/dates at all?

    Please help

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    Default Re: I fark up text game. Please help

    I don't have time to go into detail but the reason something doesn't work is because the previous stage wasn't solid. i.e. If she flakes out on the phone, then your game wasn't tighter before that., i.e. you didn't build enough attraction or comfort. I mean they have to have an actual reason to meet you and if they find you attractive/interesting/etc. then they won't flake.

    So the short answer is, solidify your game, because as you can see, getting numbers can mean almost nothing.

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