I'm 2 weeks in to a 4-month Erasmus semester abroad type thing (though it's a Masters so we're all mid-20s), and there's a girl I hit it off with from the start at a couple of the class bar meet-ups we've had so far - flirting, teasing, touching, dilated pupils, always liking my Facebook posts, her agreeing to owe me a beer for the future, etc.

However, she has a bf in a third country to where she's from and where she's doing the course, and supposedly he wants her to move there after the course but she's not sure as their relationship is "difficult".

We had a class meet-up in a club on Friday night, and all her best friends were there, but she was missing - I asked one friend where she was, and the friend said that her bf doesn't let her go to clubs, and often asks her to send him the GPS coordinates from her phone showing where she is!! The friend also told me that the girl "needs her brain scrubbed" for staying with this guy...

However, I saw her again last night with the class for evening drinks again, and just chatted and flirted for a few minutes at the end of the night - as she left I told her that her bf sounded like a douchebag and that she could do better; she looked at me sadly and said "maybe".

When I got home later that night she hit me up on Facebook private chat to say just "goodnight, sweet dreams"; I just replied aloofly "yep"; and she goes "Anyway it's always nice to talk with you )"; I didn't reply yet.

So anyway, I'm a bit stuck how to progress from here; I'm sure we'll still keep seeing each other at bars in the evening with the group, but then there's no real opportunity for escalation. I also wonder if it's still a bit soon to play my hand and ask her to buy me the beer she owes me when it's just the two of us one evening?...

Finally, I'm not sure how involved I want to get with a chick who would be in a relationship like this... (though she seems cool, and I'd at least want to bang her)