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    Lightbulb What do I do if I have a heavy accent

    Getting rid of your accent is a really bad advice. I have a Russian accent, since I emigrated to Canada only a few years ago. And I also had a problem with the language barrier. Toronto is actually not a bad place to be with an accent, since more than 50% of the population was born outside of Canada. I didn't have a lot of problems talking with immigrants, but when I met someone with a native level of English I was paralyzed, I would start to think on the grammar, I would think people judge me etc.

    Once I met a guy who's level of English was much worse than mine and who had a much stronger accent, but he was the heart of the company and could talk on any topic, and the whole room would listen to him. Some time later I met an Asian guy with a very heavy accent, and I was shocked when he invited me to his weekly stand-up comedy show.

    I had to re-evaluate my attitude to my accent. Now this is my feature, this is something girls love, this is how I stand out. Sometimes I even exaggerate it. I always have an excuse if I use the "wrong" word to steer the conversation into a more sexual direction. Its a good conversation starter, girls are interested where I am from, and I playfully make them guess. And since I get the same questions all the time, this routine is quite elaborate right now and can take 10 minutes of having fun, evaluating girls knowledge of geography and languages. And you know what, they always suck at it. And guess, who is judging whom now?

    And if you think about it from the evolutionary point, women look for new genes to diversify the immune system of their off-springs. This is why we all are sexually more attracted to someone who is rather different from us.

    I dont need to acknowledge my accent, I dont need to explain my accent. My accent is my instrument of seduction. And I am proud of it. As well as my different culture, that "explains" why when I meet girls I hug them and kiss 3 times, as if it is a Russian tradition. What do they know, anyway?

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    Default Re: What do I do if I have a heavy accent

    Accent shows you are from someplace else, and I think people would be interested to here about your life in that part of the world. I ask a lot of foreign students about their lives in back at home.

    Way to be resourceful in using your accent as an opener, and using it to spark interest. Thumbs up.

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