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    Default Any advice to further improve my game?

    Hey guys,

    So, I have been "studying" PUA for almost 2 years now with moderate success. It's not so bad when you consider where I am coming from (wimpy, shy nerd). I am still amazed I managed to have a 3-year relationship in my life.

    I have lost weight, I renewed my wardrobe, people now compliment me on how good I look, I have improved my social skills and can hold all sorts of conversations. I have been on many many dates and I can number*close quite easily. I can also approach strangers in the street with little approach anxiety.

    Now, I have not managed to kiss any of the girls I have dated. The main areas where I still suck are kino and sexual escalation.
    I cannot understand where my flaws originate from. Yes, I do the mistake of waiting for a sign before making a move. Yes, I do not have a very aggressive sexual temperament (I tried to force myself but it does not work, it's not congruent with my personality).

    Sure, I can be very kinky but it only works once I have spent some time knowing the girl, and things unfortunately end before I get to that stage.
    Another issue is that I may be dating for the sake of dating, without considering whether I am really into the girl. It could be that the lack of genuine attraction is holding me back.

    Anyway, despite not getting laid, I am very happy with my progress. I feel good about myself but I am still looking for new ways to improve. It's a personal challenge to become the confident person I always wanted to be.

    Now, here's the thing. I have come to the realization that most women still don't see me as a potential partner. It's as if I am inadequate as a man and that I am below anyone's standards. So, despite my decent situation, I realize it's still not enough.

    I was at a dinner with some friends/colleagues of mine the other day. The majority of them were women and they were complaining how they were not any good men left. Whenever they were talking about a guy, one would ask "is he single?". Then, they were fantasizing about this tall good-looking married dude. From what I know, these girls have all been single for some time now.

    This situation is particularly frustrating as they have a decent eligible male in front of them and they don't give a fark about him. This situation has already happened to me before and I really want to bang my hands on the table and yell "hellooooo, I am here ya know".

    To be honest, of the girls that were sitting at the table, there's at least 3 of them that I would be interested in dating. Really a shame...

    However, I think there's much to be done here, so I am not even considering flirting with them. I know when a girl is attracted to me. With those 3, it's zero, zilch, nil, nought, nothing. I can't even see the slightest sign of interest. I have learned from experience that it's very hard to make a girl change her mind if she's not attracted to you from the very beginning. Moreover, since they are colleagues of sorts (we don't work together but gossip flies fast), I don't even want to risk getting the embarrassment of rejection.

    No problem, I move to the next target. The issue is how they see me. I really need to do something about that.

    Do you guys have any advice for me?
    What could help me for my specific situation?

    Someone said I am not looking at the right place. I have tried all sorts of meet-ups and most of my dates came from these, but they were failures in the end (for various reasons, not only because of my game). I am also sick of the whole process to be honest.

    Thanks, mates!

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    Default Re: Any advice to further improve my game?

    So you are sitting there with all these woman and did you say anything that was funny, engaging, or entertaining ???..... did you say anything that was a DHV??? Did you flirt with them ???, unless you are Leo Decaprio women aren't going to just fall all over you .... I am an average looking guy , but give me 10 minuets to talk to a girl and I can close the deal (phone close)nine times out of ten, and once I have the phone number all bets are off because I happen to be pretty good at the text game (Big THANKS to T-Mal).... So the important thing is to be funny and entertaining and flirty and different from every other goofball out there and then they will start seeing you in a different light .... Good Luck !!

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