Ok so I was at a pretty big foresty park here in the city I live in when I aproached this girl. She was just walking through the park on her way downtown. But I managed to tell her very soon within the begining of the conversation that I've prviously met a girl in the park and had sex within 30 min of meeting her(in the park). She told me she would take an oppurtunity like that if it came. We were a little too far from it for me to ask her if she'd quickly wanna go back for a quickie. We ended up walking for a little while until she got to her doctors appointment. So she told me that she does have aa boyfriend which she would not want ended. However we exchanged numbers so that we could "let her have the opportunity" if she were to not have that boyfriend anymore sometime in the future.

I want to try and get her to meet me at the park though. Not sure exactly what to text her.