Long story short...It's about this girl only 19 Indian (i'm 23) I met in May well we only got together the 3 months of summer and it was a summertime romance and we never put the relationship tag to it cuz she was going to US and a few days of August she been gone since mid aug to US but she consistently texts and skypes and sex chats ..she was the most anti drama girl I've had in my life I guess that's what attracted me because no jealousy and space all I want sweet soft spoken girl but we were unsaid together...and I knew her since May And she keeps saying how much she likes me and her friends knew and she cried when she left ..and then started the missing and then blatantly cites that she loves me but we can't be together because she ain't Muslim and she's in US and she's looking forward to me if I didn't get a girlfriend when shes back in November...yet a few weeks earlier she got paranoid when I was being lovey and she's like I don't want to lead you on...beccause I woudn't want to hurt you because I don't want to be in relationship..I went NO CONTACT for 10 days and obviously her incessant messages and nonchalance when I drop in I find out she was depressed and crying because she lost a 'friend' and again she started talking lovey playful romantic kinky and how she's addicted to me and goes that she loves me..and how her friends asked her if she likes me and she goes no I love him..and he goes why Arent u dating and she's like cuz different religions no point ..and how I haven't imposed anything..so she's talking to me all night day Skype for at least an hour and she's still being kinky romantic...and then this Michael guy pops up and she starts telling me about him still calling me baby hit on her next thing u know he's cute and she's actively telling me plus things bout him and I told her blatantly he's Trying to get with her so she goes ahead the next day and tells me about how she tells him it wont work and nothing will happen between then and then this michael tells her that then he will lose interest in her...next day she tells me nonchalantly she's going on a date with him tomorrow and they are gonna go star gazing and movies and it's not gona be serious it's just a crush ..but it sounds so wierd since I never turned gay Shes hung out with him before and he's tried to make moves but today she just goes he it's such a slap cuz I didn't see it would affect me like that I don't know what a going on and why would she keep saying she loves me? Why does she talk so much to me if she likes someone else it's confusing cuz I thought we were already in it I dunno how to react and why wud she keep saying she loves me if she's so into this other guy I dunno I want her to back out of this and realize she's gonna lose me and yet not impose it on her I mean jeez she would know it would bother me and yes we've been Intimate and it wasn't clesrly just friends with benefits wudnt it bother her if it was the same with me...mind my rant but i have been very alpha throughout and she was obsessed with me and I reacted rather indifferently to her talking about michael but she would just go on and on about him and it sounded ridiculous and mean like she is trying to get under my skin wherein i thought she was such a sweet girl. Please do advise me I am absolutely lost. This isnt an issue of abundance as I have a lot of quality girls Please help[/B][/B]