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    Default Re: New Target: Yep another Mythical Unicorn need help

    Quote Originally Posted by JackSarge View Post
    Ughh here we go AGAIN but I am not giving you guys the tatt story for the 100th time. So the short version. I got tatted cuz numerous 10's were saying they would go at lightning speed after a guy with TATTS, won't go out with a guy without TATTS, and lastly TATTS are their weakness. I was just trying to game then as I was and this is what I kept hearing so I got fed up. Now that my sleeve is almost finished guess who keeps commenting and checking and scoping? Hot gorgeous women they just eat it up like I am some kinda glorious freak of nature. They call me "sexy" and hell yes I am starting to feel sexy. Because hardly any males have sleeves it makes me feel very unique among the masses so TATTS are still pretty uncommon.

    And what are you saying now I can't game 10's? Challenge accepted. They have talked to me even tried to hookup with me but I miss the buck so I just need to be on point is all I am saying. And next year I am going strictly for 10's so get used to it. I used to say on here I was only going to go for 9's and 10's and ya'll thought I was crazy but now it is becoming reality. Just wait I am gonna try to pull a 10 hope you don't have to eat your words mate. I haven't tried but believe me when I start "actually trying" it will happen. Everything I try "happens" I am just magical like that. And models ain't that hot not compared to the girls I like to hang out with.

    But you keep thinking that. And yet didn't we already discover I am an attention whore so why breakup with my GF? She is freaking awesome! I played her. I put her on hold for a month, cut off the sexual intrigue cuz I lost interest so it serves her right for getting it elsewhere. She told me the night I met her I could "have her any time I want her" so that was a huge turnoff and why I have been ignoring her so much. But I am just now starting to ramp up the sexual intrigue again and she is on board. It's just I want her when other guy's hit on her and when she throws herself at me I want her to get away from me. It's my dreamworld she is living in. I treat her like that cuz she don't turn me on like a 10 now if she was I never would have pushed her away like that.

    But after all...what did I say!! I said I got into The Game to get a GF!? Now you guys are telling me to dump a HB9? Who's the crazy one? My goal was to get a GF. Mission accomplished and she ain't going anywhere till I get dumped. Now in the meantime trust me a new girl is on the horizon but she is also a 9 so don't flip your cookies when she is psycho too! My new goal is to sleep with 10's so these 9's are nothing LTR worthy so why you guys are trying to steal my fun I dunno. I am just using her for a ride don't forget that. I'll get serious when I get a HB10 GF until then I am just playing these 9's so I don't care what anyone thinks these girls are a smashing good time. Or are you saying I should stop picking up chicks? Like get real. I ain't gonna stop this is a pickup chick site and you are telling me to forget women is nonsense. They are all crazy all of them!! So just forget about me finding a good one unless I start dating HB5's.
    Yes, this site is about picking up chicks. But allowing yourself to be humiliated in public by someone you are dating is counter productive as hell.

    "She gives me social proof."

    HOW? How can a woman sitting in a club making out with another guy while you sit there all passive and beta give you positive social proof? That goes against everything game teaches.

    I've fallen into this trap before. The beautiful actress who I loved having on my arm at public events, the great sex. All of it. Till she got drunk every night, beat on me like a man when we got home and threatened that if I called the cops she'd turn on the tears and have me arrested for DV! Showing up to work everyday with scratches and bruises. She smashed up my car and cut my tires when I left her.

    Now maybe this woman isn't beating you, but she's ABUSING you none the less and if you think taking such abuse is positive for your game development then you have a problem.

    This isn't about pickup artistry, this is one man telling another he's in a bad deal. But hey continue on dude. I'll continue to do my thing with positive women who worship me, feed me, clean my house and serve me. They may not all be tens, but they suck, screw and cook and try to make me happy. That is worth more than any shitty 10 humiliating me.

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    Default Re: New Target: Yep another Mythical Unicorn need help

    Call me vain but I am gonna keep on keeping on with the HB9's and 10's cuz that's what I want. I wish life was that easy SiliconMagician but in truth women never treat me the way I deserve or more importantly desire.

    And I am already on the path I want to be. I got the tatts for women, the new car for women and now I am going for a new awesome job as well to up my chances. Don't blame me blame the women who made me! They're the ones who gave me the ideas of getting tatted, going to the Gym, getting a better a car, being ambitious in my career to get promoted, and finally being confident to land me new job prospects.

    So feel free to voice your concerns but I am continuing until I make it through the foggy forest up to the lonely mountain and past the pit of despair. So no I am not stopping and of course I am gonna stick with this chick until I am ready to jump ship which will likely be next Summer.

    But yeah for sure 9's and 10's are the most shallow and vain women I have ever met and basically have no humility. The 6's and 7's though feel like they aren't worthy and tell me all da freaking time I deserve a super hot chick and how I can get any girl I want, if only that were the case!

    Me and the 9's and 10's match up well though and I love throwing down with them. Online is a b!tch but in-field I am rocking. My heart is unbreakable so I don't care what anyone thinks this is who I am becoming because it makes me happy. But I am proud of myself to now get a date with a 9 whenever I want and ever since I was young I was afraid to approach the "10" but now I am climbing that mountain it is getting easier and easier. After I get good at the beginning with 10's I am sure I will see more success in the future. Lastly yes The Game to me is owning the moment and it almost has nothing to do with the girl. As long as I am present and do what I want I will feel no regret. I never care if a girl rejects me due to logistics I only care if I internally regret something I did wrong regardless of her reaction I only care that I fully own myself and as long as I do that regardless of what the girl thinks I am happy with the outcome. But I am always happy when I do everything right in my own mind and that's where I am headed.
    When you let go of your feelings you can really then embrace your surroundings
    Love is a game that's why I don't worry about it anymore. When you let go of your feelings you find your meaning.

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