Met this girl online a few weeks ago:

  • Escalated as far as I could on first date (heavy kino, sucking her breasts, kept feeling between her legs but she pushed me away every time).

  • Second date I gave her several orgasms via oral...she immediately sucked me off afterwards

  • Invited her over to my place next day. Intense oral and she was all into it but as soon as I pulled out the pipe she says we're not farking. I didn't respond, and kept on escalating. Went down on her again, and tried a second time. I gently eased the tip inside her. She didn't initially budge but when she felt it she said "Really?!" and pushed me out

  • So I got up and went to get some water, acting unaffected and taking my mind off it. When I got back she immediately offered to suck me off but I declined saying "I'm going to want sex if you continue". She was caught off guard and shocked that I denied her. Ended up playing my guitar for a bit before she left.

  • Didn't talk to her for about a week. We spent the next meet at her place. Went for a run in the city, made dinner (she paid for everything), then treated me out for drinks and dancing. I didn't bother to escalate too much and kept it light.

  • Last meet was a few days ago at her place again. Made dinner which she paid for everything. Went upstairs where she gave me this intense massage, and ended in her sucking me off again. So I go down on her for a solid 25 minutes, making her shake VIOLENTLY in bed from multiple orgasms. I pull out the pipe and tease her, she's more into it this time but once it comes into proximity of her vagina, she says "I can't have sex with you. Cause what's going to stop you from farking another chick a few days later. I'll fool around with you...but idk." I didn't respond and kept on kissing her neck and body. After I rolled over, we just laid there for a bit. She invited me out to a club with her friends but I declined and headed back home. She texted me the next morning but I ignored it for like 12 hours, she responded and I didn't reply.

I've never experienced LMR like this before lol. She pays for everything when I'm over her place, sucks me off constantly, drives us to places in the city. I only really text her to meet up. The vibes are great between us. Maybe she sees me as boyfriend material and is afraid once penetration comes into play, she's afraid I'll just leave? She's Russian by the way if that has to do anything with it. Any thoughts/similar experiences?