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Thread: EMOTION is the Key to Dating

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    Default EMOTION is the Key to Dating

    I am new to this forum, and I am not here to get advises...

    I am here to enlighten people about what really are relationships in today's society.

    The more I started to connect with myself, the more I was authentic, and the more I got so many girls in such a ridiculous short period of time. Then, my first love, or the love of my life, came back to me...

    It is CRAZY how this whole dating world of advises and tips, even for women out there, is disconnected from the REALITY of RELATIONSHIPS.

    When you are authentic, and you know yourself 100%, you are CONFIDENT in your own expression. Therefore, you express your true emotions and who you actually are.

    And people, my friends, connect and relate to EMOTIONS.

    This is why most of the girls are attracted to strong looking men OR normal guys that SHOW confidence (just like me, because I am not at all muscular) : because those guys just express their masculine sexuality NATURALLY, without even thinking about ''What to say'' ''How to read her body'' ''etc.''.

    So, learning tips and advises is only creating a robotic and non-fluent way of connecting with the other sex. But the thing is : connection is unstable! It changes because of the events, emotions, feelings, values, etc.

    Instead of trying to be good with women, why don't you try to become a better version of yourself, where you get to ''connect'' with yourself and therefore, connect with other people around you! From there, girls (and HOT ones) are just going to simply be attracted to you.

    I know what I'm talking about here... I've been fat, socially wack, disconnected from myself, etc. My story resembles Richard La Ruina's, and I am not even joking!

    Now, I have slept with so many hot women (not to brag, but international models and actresses you may have already seen on TV). And I've come to realize that when you VIBRATE and you EXPRESS your emotions, instead of repressing them, you actually reinforce that connection with them!

    And that is what women LOVE : confidence about your own expression that reinforce that trust bond between both of you. Because she KNOWS she can rely on you to have the truth, and because she is unstable emotionally, she needs someone like this!

    Being self-aware of your own emotions make you way more confident about yourself and how you express yourself!

    So, what I am saying, is that if you ABSOLUTELY want to succeed in the dating world, you must understand yourself from A to Z FIRST.

    It is a long work, you have to be dedicated. So, here's my question to you guys :

    Would you spend a lifetime reading and looking for practical ways to create an unstable connection with others OR would you rather work on developing yourself so you know how to express naturally who you are and then connect with ANY girl around you flawlessly?

    Tell me what you think!
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    Begin where you stand. Stay connected!

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    Default Re: EMOTION is the Key to Dating

    I'd say emotions important but there's also a little bit of logic that's why we turn the key the key term just sticks just figure out when where and how are you gonna have sex - important

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