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    Default Bartender pick up

    Alright so I was out about 3 weeks ago with a buddy at a bar. There's a hot bartender that works there and I purposely didn't sit at the bar because she wasn't working behind it. She was walking around. We were at a random table close to the bar. So, I looked over the shoulder when she was walking past and asked if she'd take my order blah blah blah. She complied. I noticed her finger was in a splint while she was going off for our drinks so I saw the perfect opportunity to have a conversation starter. I came up with a bullshit story about the finger when she came back. Btw she is Latina and I'm Latino also. Opened with introduction of asking her which Latin country she was from etc and after we had a quick talk about that and exchanged names; I said...

    ME: I couldn't help but notice your finger is broken. Me and my buddy had a bet on how you broke it. Can you tell us which one is right.

    She smiles with intrigue.

    HER: How do you think I broke it?

    ME: Well, my friend says you did it working out. You seem kinda feisty to me so I said you did it in a fight.

    She giggles and says that I was right about her being in a fight. I'm sure she was bullshitting but I liked how she went with it. She finished with "You should see the other girl" and laughs. So, I didn't want to over pursue or linger around too long so we headed out a little after. I went back one or two times after but didn't see her. I play to go again tomorrow night. I wont be with that same friend. Any suggestions or how to escalate with her or get a number close???

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    Default Re: Bartender pick up

    Well I am a pro at picking up Hired Guns. I became so good at I was getting picked up by them eventually. Anyway it's about building Social Proof (ie becoming a regular, getting to know the staff/other bartenders, hitting up other targets).

    Beyond that I have closed a bartender 8 months after meeting her and one the 2nd time after meeting her. Another Cocktail Waitress I picked up about the 3rd or 4th time talking to her but generally it takes time investment so they recognize you and you should make a habit of talking to them every time you go but also DHVing by meeting other eligible women (also helps not getting Oneitis).

    Lastly go for a N-close by having the Hired Gun write their name and number down. I noticed this would be stupid to a regular target but for a Hired Gun it shows tact and shows you are different. After spending some time 3-4 interactions over different periods of time to get to know her instead of saying "Let me get your number." tell her "Write your number down I would like to see you outside of this place." Gold man.

    My current project is the Hired Gun Hairstylist. Basically I am deploying a similar tactic by time investment by going direct and asking for her to build rapport. Then 2-3 more times of interacting I will go for the close by having her write her number down for me. I will close her in the middle to raise comfort since asking for it at the register would seem kinda desperate and also strike up my nerves. But if I ask her out during the middle I think she would have a hard time telling me no. Anyways wish me luck! And good luck to you too.
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