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Thread: Shamelessly Hit on by a 10 OMFG

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    Default Shamelessly Hit on by a 10 OMFG

    Back in my training of the prime reasons I got in the Game! The Buckle ugh.

    I recognized it quick though and pulled out the big guns holding no quarter. Here's the story.
    I got hit on for none other than my Outer Game. I told you so. All that beef amounts to this! Yes you heard it before and I got tattoos for gaming 10's. What was the result?

    Walk into the store and a knockout HB10 tried to "hi" me but I am over these Buckle girls so I ignored her. She took the liberty of doing none other than approaching ME. "I like your sleeve" Great you can imagine what happened next. Banter, flirting, kino, and Push-Pull. She was such a distraction the entire store was watching us get it on.

    Anyway I made her pick me out a shirt and I did my new "in the middle" Hired Gun HB close. Which is not waiting till the very end to close. It was a smash and made her blush but it didn't have enough heart and soul. Kinda lukewarm like overly confident. Not enough meat and potatoes but anyways I closed right when we got the register not waiting till the end letting nervousness hit me. But my closing technique was not very polished. So I thought of a better closer after the fact. Anyway she has a BF so I got jipped. Never broke down the BF wall before. She said she wants to see me again so who knows? May work her into my rotation. And yes I ignored my GF all week but that didn't work she only ended up in inviting me out tonight so it backfired and I should have invited this 10 to come party with us but again I was not on top of my game. But totally and unequivocally hit on shamelessly loud boisterous type of hit on. Wow at least I know it is getting easier with these 10's and now I am getting in the habit of gaming them and my ABC's of closing them but yeah the 10 was kinda boring or am I just vain. Back to the GF.

    She was loud, showed me her ass, and just getting wild up in there. I was not thinking on the fly just eating up my awesomeness. Anyways I always close solid on HB's except for 10's which are my weakness also I do better without the social pressure of Hired Guns. But usually I am needy with Hired Guns and therefore make them uncomfortable but not this time! Only one tiny blip in my game "the close" I wish I could say I did perfect so sorry to let everyone down. But I know I am gonna be getting hit on a lot now lol my tattoo sleeve does the work for me!
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    Default Re: Shamelessly Hit on by a 10 OMFG

    Dude! You didn't close. Read that again...You didn't close! What I just read was you going into a store and talking to a girl that works there.

    How about you just hang out with your GF and IF you don't like her you dump her. Don't be trying to pick up some other chick while you're with her UNLESS you already specified its an open relationship.

    FYI your sleeve doesn't get you women. If it helped you at all it was the confidence your sleeve gave you.

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