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    Default How Do I Manage My Prospects?

    Hey guys…I’d appreciate some help in taking my prospects to the next level. Basically my issue is building comfort with my prospects…part of it is that I am having trouble finding the time to manage them all and part of it is that, in person, I’m not doing a good job of building attraction.

    I’m pretty solid with online game (not so good with club/bar game, but not entirely without past success). I’m leaning on online game to get my prospects. I have no trouble getting numbers…in a month I racked up 50. The problem is…going from there. By itself, a number isn’t much. But when I am juggling having that many women, sometimes I am left clueless as to what to do. I rely on texting since a lot of people do not talk on the phone, but with some women that actually isn’t the way to go. But when I’m texting so many different women, I cannot have a uniquely-tailored approach for all of them…so its mass texts, often pre-written exchanges at that, etc. I need to figure out how I can, working with that many women, build comfort, get them out in person and go from there. Timing is also an issue…what’s too fast? What’s too SLOW? I’ve been out with 8 different women over the past month…not bad. But sometimes I feel like things aren’t moving along fast enough. Sometimes I get complaints that I am being negligent.

    Also, building kino. There’s on HB8, a German woman who I took out a few times. Well. I’ll have her rolling on the floor laughing the entire time…which is great. But she seems resistant to get onto the topic of sex. I’m working a little kino, but its so minimal and weak that I figure maybe its hurting if anything. I want a little advice on Kino, because it’s the kind of thing that can create awkwardness or a creep-vibe if it isn’t done right and sometimes it feels more natural to me, and other times it just feels like…its not invited.


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    Default Re: How Do I Manage My Prospects?

    Well, the best advice I can give you is: Practice.

    The best way to learn how to manage threads and rapport with a girl is to just try and try and try, and when you're done, try a bit more. Luckily you seem to be in a situation where you can try a lot of different stuff.

    Try stuff that you think works, try stuff that you think might work, and note how it goes. The more you do it, the more you will learn what works and what doesn't. Just don't be scared to screw up a bit. You might try stuff and she never talks to you again. It's okay. That's how you learn, don't be scared of it.

    For kino, it's awkward if you make it awkward. If you feel what you're doing is wrong, it will feel wrong for her too. So how do you stop feeling awkward about it? Well, make it natural. Be "touchy" (I don't know the english word for someone who touches others a lot) with your friends, your family, and so on. Get used to touching others (god, it sounds so bad).

    I'm not saying to slap your mom's butt, but hug people, touch people shoulders when you say hi, push them when you chat with them, poke them in the belly, and so on. It will start feeling natural for you, and you will do it naturally when your friends AND the girls. And then you can start using some different Kino with the girls: touching hands, putting your hand on their lap, touching their hair, etc.

    Oh and also, this is actually my escalation scale: I play with girls' hands a lot, all the time, all of them. When I see a girl I like and we are sitting, I will often do something like "oh, that reminds me!" and slap her thigh. And usually I get closer and closer to the thigh's inside each time I do it. And once I know she feels comfortable with it, I start playing with her hair while chatting. Just pushing it back behind her shoulder while I speak with her, revealing her neck. That's a move girls do when they are into a guy, so doing it yourself is very powerful.

    Since I'm comfortable with it, and I see nothing wrong with it, it goes very smoothly. I was talking about it with my pua paddawan, from the same group of friends. He told me that no, he never saw me do any of this, and I was probably doing it when nobody else was watching. So I told him to not listen to what I say, not look at my face or anything, just focus on my hands. He counted me playing with girls' hair 17 times in an evening In a small room with a dozen people, in front of everyone.

    So yeah, here it is. Practice as much as you can. Try new things. Discover your own moves. Become comfortable. Learn your Kino escalation scale. Have Fun.
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