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    Default Help Texting a girl Pay Best Awnser

    I was trying to hook my friend up with this girl. I asked for her number from him and he gave it too me. She has a reputation for being "bad". Iv'e caught her staring at me in our first period class, and staring at my bulge through my sweatpants. My friend said she was flaky ignoring him, and she said he was annoying. I want to fuck her. I've also been told I look like Zac Efron with black hair and Edward Cullens

    Text Message Convo
    Yesterday 3:30 PM
    Me: Aye Sam this is Eli u hear about what happened- 3:20 PM
    Sam: What happened with what- 3:20 PM
    Yesterday 9:30 PM
    Me: Who do u think is cute- 9:30 PM
    Me: I just got home from saving Gotham City- 9:30 PM
    Sam: What (Laughing Emoji 2x)- 9:30 PM
    Me: The baddest girls there they lovin batman- 9:38 PM
    Me: Who u think is cute tho- 9:40 PM
    Sam: (Laughing Emoji) r u drunk or something (Laughing Emoji) and whyy?
    Sam: Zach Efron duhh (Heart face and Laughing)- 9:40 PM
    Me: Sorority parties Im more of an Edward Cullen type- 9:47 PM
    Sam: (Laughing Emoji and Hands together)- 9:47 PM
    Me: Sebon looks like Edward - 9:54 PM
    Sam: No (Straight face Emoji)- 9:54 PM
    Sam: Why were you telling him lies about me you nastyyyyy (Surgeon face mask eyes closed) smhhh- 10:00 PM
    I heard she had a threesome and told my friend, which he told her
    Me: I know I'm bad (blush smile face) ur a cutie doe and I don't believe it Andrew Carter told me-10:06 PM
    Sam:Nuhhh uhhh (Shocked ghost face) I don't even talk to him and thanks (Laughing Emoji)-10:09 PM
    Me: Ill prove it-10:39 PM
    Me IDK about u but walking my dog in sweatpants at night-10:39 PM
    Today: 8:50 PM
    Sam: I do that all the time!!
    Lmaoo- 8:50 PM

    I havnt responded should I? Or wait to invoke curiosity, we've only been talking in that class for the past few days, nut shes been staring at me since day one. I want to fuck her and make her we and possibly sext. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Help Texting a girl Pay Best Awnser

    Yes. Flirt with her. Ask her out, or hang around with her in between classes. Flirt with her again. Introduce some sexual innuendo. And flirt with her.

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    Default Re: Help Texting a girl Pay Best Awnser

    I'm probably too late, but advice is advice whether you use it now or later. I recommend not texting back in this case, reason being, the vibe is just not the same. The tone of the conversation comes form the energy's vibe, you feel me? She text you back the next night! So I would have ignored her then text her the next afternoon about how my lunch was better than hers.
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