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    Default This may be it! Ugh back to needing advice...

    I know I am a crowd favorite. I know I am an Alpha Male now I know I am a boss. I realize now only the hottest women go for me and I only go for the hottest women. I make most girls insecure and intimidate even my friends. But I realized something tonight I don't need her my GF that is. She is a brat and not in a good way. So I ditched her. No contact from her either. Granted Summer is over so the hotties have gone back into hiding so no viable targets obviously and I just ignore the 6's-8's now my inner game is that tight that I only waste my time on 9's and up I used to not close 6's but now I see them checking hard and just Ice cold.

    Save that is for the Cocktail Waitress I talked about her before she is a 10 but we got into a huge fight on FB when I had the other bartender my social proof talk to her. It ended up with me getting slam dunked on. For this reason I hate gaming on FB. Anyway I walk into the Club and no viable targets so I try to get her attention. She is off in lala land but I am thinking make her regret what she is missing. So I don't go the dancing route I go the proximity route. And there she is fine as ever walks by me playing with her hair. Never seen her do this and right when she was walking in front of me. So I pickup on the IOI as a signal and move in but not right then. I wait to strike much like a crouching tiger. But I made up with the other bartender after "the incident".

    So I see my chance balking in my face she is walking upstairs. I pounce!! Do a running dash and catch her. I yell her name and surprisingly she hears my cry in the dark and receives me warmly. I was just thinking "you can't resist charm" so I acted on that I think.

    She says it has been like forever which strangely enough is my line!! I used that exact same line on her what the hell. Then I move in and she is just talking talking talking and happy wtf?! So I say I miss her and want to see her again. I ask for a hug but she accepts. I do something I have NEVER done before I pick her up in a huge hug and man what a surge of confidence! Like what an atmosphere that created. I say don't be too hard to get a hold of. She says I am not too hard to get a hold of wtf she is always in the VIP section and half the time just walks away and completely ignores me. So I found out where she will be for New Years and I plan on gaming her all night to go for an SNL. I can't go for a date a hangout or a number with this chick she tried to hookup with me so I have to return the favor.

    Try to hookup with her. But not only that I was more confident interacting with this 10 then my current GF I never picked her up. I wouldn't call it oneitis 10's are just my type. So what do these words mean "I am not hard to get a hold of." IOI or friendliness???

    I mean fark it you guys lol. Having a GF in an open relationship really helped me. I did the things with the 10 I was holding back from on my 9. I was holding her the same. My GF I hug on her and she is like a limp fish. But the Cocktail Waitress was grabbing my torso and petting me. OMG I think I got a shot!! Not even my GF pets me and she has had WAY more chances. Think it's over between us...sadly. Tired of wasting my time now that I realize 9's bore me time to game 10's!!
    When you let go of your feelings you can really then embrace your surroundings
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    Default Re: This may be it! Ugh back to needing advice...

    You're an alpha and all that fluff talk, but you're always ranting around about some girl you want her to break up with you, because you don't have a pair to do it yourself? What a joke lol
    I rest my case man, now I've seen everything.

    (oh, and by the way, those who are really alpha don't need to brag about that. It's like you're trying to convince yourself that you're something else. But just as our moms always say, when we really really want something, we just have to close our eyes! Maybe that will work with you )

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